Week in Tech: WWDC Dates Announced, Windows 10 and the latest smartwatch news

Hello and welcome to the first ever new Week in Tech article (19th April 2015) here on TechnoTeamBlog! This week, we are bringing you the latest week’s news from tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft and more…

So, let’s get started with the Week in Tech article for 19th April 2015!

Apple WWDC Dates Announced

Probably one of the biggest tech headlines this week (for us Apple fans anyway) is the announcement of the dates for WWDC this year. Yes, Apple has officially announced the dates of WWDC (the Worldwide Developers Conference) as June 8th-12th. As always, the keynote from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will take place on the first day of WWDC, which is of course June 8th.

It’s most likely that the keynote will mainly include software upgrades to iOS and Mac OS as it is a developers conference. However, in previous years, some hardware announcements have been made at the WWDC Keynote, such as the reveal of the Mac Pro last year.

We will of course be keeping you up-to-date with all of the latest WWDC news and more in the Week in Tech articles to come.

So, what do you think will happen at WWDC this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this post. We enjoy reading everybody else’s expectations about the annual special event.

Apple Watch

As you may know, Apple’s latest tech product, the Apple Watch, will be launched on April 24th. However, the April 24th date has now been changed to June on Apple’s website as 9to5 Mac reports. This means that only the lucky few who ordered the Apple Watch on Apple’s website before the date was changed will get the smartwatch sooner than everybody else.

Here’s a video from Apple about the new Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch comes in 3 different versions; the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition. My personal favourite is the Apple Edition, but that’s also the most expensive one (unfortunately).

The new Apple Watch requires a working iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or later.

You can find out more and pre-order all of the Apple Watch versions here. In the UK, the Apple Watch starts at £299 directly from Apple online.

Microsoft Band

Whilst the pre-order drama is going on over the Apple Watch, Microsoft’s entry into the smartwatch side of the market has arrived as the Microsoft Band.

Here’s a short video about the Microsoft Band:

The Microsoft Band has features such as email previews, calendar alerts, built-in GPS and fitness features (such as “guided workouts” and heart rate tracking). The smartwatch from Microsoft also features their new voice assistant, Cortana, which first made an appearance on Windows Phone 8.1. You can also send and receive text messages and take calls using the Microsoft Band.

To accommodate different wrist sizes, the smartwatch from Microsoft is available in small, medium and large sizes.

You can find out more and order the Microsoft Band here. In the UK, the Microsoft Band is currently £169.99 and in the US, it’s $199.99. Please visit the Microsoft Store in your country for more pricing information.

Windows 10

Windows 10, which was announced earlier this year in a Microsoft conference, is Microsoft’s latest Windows operating system. It will be available free of charge to current Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users and Windows 10 for Windows Phone will also be available. In addition, the new OS, which is being described as the “everywhere OS”, will also be available for Xbox consoles.

The new OS includes features such as the return of the world-famous Start button (finally), an improved Command Prompt where you can copy-and-paste code (this is something I’ll personally find useful), an improved Windows File Explorer and “universal apps” that will work with all devices running Windows 10.

A version of Windows 10 will also be available for the Raspberry Pi 2. The Raspberry Pi 2 is a very small computer (the size of a credit card) that is used for basic coding and other computing tasks. It currently mainly runs the Linux operating system. You can find Microsoft’s official article about Windows 10 for the Raspberry Pi 2 here.

Windows 10 for the Raspberry Pi 2 is bound to have limitations but these are yet to be announced.

We’ll be keeping you updated on the latest Windows 10 news and rumours here on TechnoTeamBlog.


So, that’s this week’s Week in Tech article. Feel free to share your thoughts about this post in the comments section. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and listen to your thoughts.

In the meantime though…

Enjoy Blogging,


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The Computing Challenge (Relaunched)

Hello and welcome to the new Computing Challenge post!

You may remember that we did a Computing Challenge quiz for fun a while ago. It’s all about having fun whilst learning about technology at the same time. Bloggers such as The Contended Crafter, Linne from A Random Harvest and narf77 from The Road to Serendipity have taken part in our Computing Challenge. We are now relaunching this challenge with new rules and whole new questions. Nominees are still asked to nominate 3 blogging friends to participate in the challenge, but it’s now much easier to participate in the challenge so we hope that more people will take on the challenge if they’re nominated.

Here’s how to take part in the challenge:

  • If you’re nominated for the challenge or just want to take part in the challenge, come along to https://technoteamblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/computing-challenge-relaunched/ and read the article. This will tell you about the rules and questions for the challenge (please note that the questions will be updated weekly).
  • Leave a comment on the article with your answers to the questions, your blog URL and the 3 blogs that you are nominating for the challenge.
  • Leave quick comments on the blogs you’ve nominated with a link to this post. Here’s a comment template that you can use:

Hello! I’ve nominated you for The Computing Challenge from TechnoTeamBlog. All you have to do is following the link below and leave a comment with your answers. Good luck!



[Your Name Here]

  • Once you’ve submitted your answers in the comments section, we will get back to you with your results as soon as possible. If you’d like a banner to put on your blog, let us know.

If you have any questions about how to take part in the challenge, feel free to let us know.

The 3 Challenge Rules

  • I don’t know isn’t an answer.
  • No searching on the Internet allowed
  • Don’t take the challenge too seriously, it’s just a bit of fun


Questions: Week 1

  1. True or False? – Do Dell make servers?
  2. Who creates the iPhone, Apple or Microsoft?
  3. What technology company produces the Windows operating system?
  4. What does OS stand for?
  5. What does RAM stand for with computers?

Week 2’s questions coming soon…

Who we nominate for the challenge

And that’s The Computing Challenge from TechnoTeamBlog! So, what are you waiting for? Get answering them questions in the comments section!

If you haven’t been nominated for the challenge but would still like to participate, leave a comment in the comments section and we’ll be happy to add you to our “Who we nominate for the challenge” list.

If you have absolutely any questions about The Computing Challenge, leave a comment in the comments section of this article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Many Thanks for taking part in The Computing Challenge,

The TechnoTeamBlog Authors

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We’re Back!

Hello and welcome back to TechnoTeamBlog! It’s been nearly a year since we even published a post here on TechnoTeamBlog as we decided to take a break from blogging for a while. Now, we’re back with a whole-new TechnoTeamBlog.

When we were posting 1 post a day here on TechnoTeamBlog is was hard work for myself, Tom, and Adam and Will. That’s one of the reasons why we took a long break from writing on this blog.

Therefore, we’ve now decided to relaunch TechnoTeamBlog with an all-new post schedule. We will now be posting 1 post a week on this blog. This weekly post will contain the latest news and gossip from the world of tech from the last week or so. It will also contain our thoughts on the last week’s tech occurrences, rumours and announcements. This weekly tech update from us will be published on Sundays at around 6pm (GMT Time).

As always, we will be on hand to reply to comments on our website, Tweets, emails etc as we always were.

We know this might be confusing but we hope that you will continue to enjoy our posts and leaving comments with your thoughts etc… We love hearing from our readers. We really hope that we’ll be able to continue writing for all of our readers and we hope that things will get back to normal soon. We apologize for being away so long, we just needed a nice long break from blogging. We thank you for your patience.

We’ve still being following the ever-changing world of technology though and can’t wait to write our first post since being back on Sunday.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime…

Enjoy Blogging,

Tom (Blog Manager)

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A Quick Update…

Please note that we have now returned. Find out more here.

You have probably noticed that we haven’t written anything here on TechnoTeamBlog for about 2 months now and that we’ve been fairly inactive. This is because we’ve taken a break from blogging for a short while and have stopped writing here on TechnoTeamBlog for a little while.

We’re not currently sure if and when we’ll end our break from blogging (maybe after the Summer?). We just wanted to keep you updated on the latest TechnoTeamBlog news.

We are still making slow progress on our new site design. This is one of the reasons why we haven’t been posting here on TechnoTeamBlog recently. You can find our current TechnoTeamBlog BETA site here.

We apologize to our readers about the wait for more posts! Hopefully, we’ll be back soon once most of the new site design stuff is completed and out of the window!

In the meantime, enjoy blogging!

– Tom (Head Editor)

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Happy Birthday to the Apple Retail Store

Believe it or not, the first Apple Retail Store celebrated its 13 anniversary today.

The first ever official Apple Retail Store, which was at the Tysons Corner Center in Virginia, opened on the 19th May 2014 at 10am. That makes it 13 years and 19 hours since the store was publicly opened for the first time.

9to5 Mac has reported that there are currently 424 Apple Retail Stores around the world (with many of them being in the US alone). In addition, the Apple Stores are reportedly the most profitable retail space worldwide. In my opinion, this is an exceptional achievement for a store that only sells technology products and its accessories when there are many different department stores around the world selling a varied selection of products at varied prices earning less profits.

This proves many people wrong, as many different articles from many different websites claimed that Apple Retail Stores would fail and would be something that Apple would regret at around the time the first Apple Retail Store was opened. One article even described the Apple Retail Store idea as a “risky gamble”.

Retale has released an interactive diagram that shows the development of Apple Retail Stores over the last 13 years. You can view this interactive diagram here.

Discussion: What do you think of Apple Retail Stores? Let us know by leaving a comment on this post.

Enjoy Blogging,

Tom (Head Editor)

Information from 9to5 Mac

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